Cast of Ozark sponsors meals for KC frontline workers

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Ozark // Courtesy of Netflix

Jason Bateman and the cast of the popular Netflix hit, “Ozark” have donated lunch today to frontline workers at two Kansas City hospitals. They are donating through the Frontline Foods Kansas City program that seeks to pair up local restaurants and hospitals to feed essential workers through donations.

Today, 250 meals were provided at Truman Health Medical Center and Swope Health by Bateman and the “Ozark” cast. Their funds went directly to Bloom Baking Company, the restaurant responsible for today’s meals.

Other shows such as “Scandal” and “This is Us” and more have generously donated meals to the metro areas their shows take place, such as Washington D.C., Chicago, Philadelphia, New York, and Flint, Michigan and now Kansas City through Frontline Foods.

“Ozark” has been a popular quarantine show with its third season released on March 27, 2020. We recommend just watching the show and not actually participating in any of the Byrd family’s activities.

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