Carla Bozulich

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Carla Bozulich is a shape-shifter. As the singer for Ethyl Meatplow (imagine a scratchier B-52s) and the Geraldine Fibbers (the most mystical and noisy band of alt-country’s first wave), she honed her strangely gruff voice into an obsidian-sharp instrument. As a solo artist, she has explored almost everything — even The Red Headed Stranger, a complete album of Willie Nelson covers. Her latest, Evangelista!, recorded with members of Godspeed You Black Emperor and Black Star Orkestar, remakes her as part preacher, part avant-revolutionary and part Patti Smith. Her latest stuff is a blend of Loretta Lynn’s most confessional moments, frantic late-night radio gospel, UFO spottings, and the echoes and clanks of Tom Waits.

Categories: Music