Car Talk

Technology has completely ruined the mystique of the talking car. Sure, back in the ’80s, when David Hasselhoff was at the wheel, saving the world and fighting his goateed evil twin, it was cool to hear that English teacher’s voice coming out of a Pontiac Trans Am. But on the new Knight Rider, the effect is of just a really nice version of OnStar. And the producers didn’t even pick the right muscle car — you want a Dodge Charger, not a Ford Mustang. But if you absolutely want to judge for yourself, go to the 49th Annual Carquest World of Wheels at Bartle Hall (301 West 13th Street). Aside from having both versions of Knight Rider‘s KITT, the show also includes the Speed Racer Mach 5 to bring together nostalgia geeks and hardcore gearheads. Besides custom cars, expect rockabilly bands, a motorcycle show and more. If only the Charger from Dirty Mary Crazy Larry were there. Then you’d really have a party. The show runs through Sunday. General admission is $15; children ages 6-12 get in free today and for $5 the rest of the weekend. See for more information.— Peter Rugg

Fri., Feb. 27; Sat., Feb. 28; Sun., March 1, 2009