Caption Contest: Mayor Funkhouser and Wife-Being in Wall Street Journal


It’s finally happened.

Politicians have run into trouble when their marital indiscretions came to light. But in this city of 450,000, the question is different: Does the mayor love his wife too much?

This is the question posited on Wall-Street Journal‘s Web site, in an article dramatically headlined Kansas City Gives Mayor’s Helpmate the Heave-Ho From City Hall Wife Was an Unpopular Office Volunteer; His Honor Is Suing to Get Her Back by His Side

The piece is a good primer for Americans unaware of the high jinks of KC’s uxorious mayor and his peculiar bride. Why, it has it all — from their galvanizing campaign triumph through the series of embarrassments that immediately ensued: the Honda Civic, the Minutewoman, the prostate-exam Christmas card, Mammygate and so on.

It’s all old news to us, of course, but the pictures sure are neat!

The WSJ illustrator was kind to our mayor, thoroughly de-Vulcanizing him. Luckily, the article comes with a bonus shot of Funk and Squit lounging in the den like castaways on a sea of patrician household textures.

And so we turn to you, readers: What is fair Gloria whispering in her true love’s ear? Tell us in the comments.

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