Capitol Federal Park at Sandstone Announces New Vendor: Local Burger


Who remembers Woodstock ’99? Well, okay, no one remembers anything about Woodstock ’99 except the orgy of violence that ensued after the portable toilets overflowed and vendors hacked $4 bottled waters. But that was the nineties, and this is the aughts: trash fires have lost their radical appeal, and eco-consciousness has changed outdoor concerts for the better. Capitol Federal Park at Sandstone, for one, launched the Green Initiatives Project in an attempt to make the venue “more environmentally friendly and socially responsible,” and recently courted Lawrence’s Local Burger as a vendor.

Now vegans won’t have to scrape the cheese off their pizza, conscientious concertgoers can eat local, and celiac sufferers can eat a hot dog in the park like every American should. Enjoy a guilt-free bison burger and perhaps relieve the shame of seeing 311 or O.A.R. live.

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