Cannibal Corpse

In how many lands can a band be banned if a band can be banned in a land? At least four: Australia, New Zealand, South Korea and Germany. Each country has forbidden Cannibal Corpse at one time or another in reward for the band’s complete lack of subtlety, to say nothing of etiquette. We’re talking about a group that tilts way beyond the using-your-salad-fork-for-the-entrée kind of wild and crazy. Who can forget all those summers in the Hamptons when you’d sit in the den with Mum eating crumpets and humming along to Corpse ditties such as “Skull Full of Maggots,” “Fucked With a Knife” and “Meat Hook Sodomy.” The band is also known for its brief cameo in Ace Ventura: Pet Detective and for touring the globe and selling millions of records, all with this-side-of-zilch airplay. Any band that has been banned in Germany can’t be that bad. Can it?

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