Like Broken Social Scene, which hails from the country that provides this Michigan-based band with its name, Canada spawns spinoffs with amazing frequency. That’s Him! That’s The Guy writes country-tinged folk, Broads of Canada creates dual-cello Britney Spears and Gnarls Barkley covers, and Champions of Breakfast plays pulsing electro-pop about unicorns and wizards. Sadly, these uniformly amusing outfits won’t get to showcase mini-sets in the Reggie and the Full Effect tradition, but their members collaborate on breezily melodic chamber-pop tunes during Canada concerts. Despite their hectic extracurricular schedules, Canada’s members have concocted material for a follow-up to 2006’s debut, This Cursed House. The new songs retain that album’s chiming keys, wistful acoustic guitars and relaxed harmonies.

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