Burning Brides

There are quite a few things that Burning Brides do not do well. Band members do not soothe nerves. They do not sit still or take it easy. They do not shy away from heavy riffs or glossy choruses. They do not come into your town to play tiddlywinks. They do not spend half of their sets throwing devil signs or talking about their ironic love of Satan. But most of all, the Burning Brides do not fuck around. Tossing an all-things-rock blend of influences together, the Philadelphia trio seamlessly meshes grunge, metal and soulful pop. Borrowing heavily from the aggression and energy of the MC5, sprinkling in a few drops of Black Sabbath fuzz and sludge, and adding the howling melodrama of the Animals, Burning Brides are the hottest and heaviest offering from the City of Brotherly Love since the cheese steak.

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