Bummer, Pearl Allure, Rory Fresco and more of the latest must-see local music videos

It’s a varied visual and aural pallet this month, with loud and heavy from the likes of Bummer and Hyborian, a jazzy video debut from Pearl Allure, some beats from Kawehi and Rory Fresco, poppy alt-rock from American Slim, and the art-damaged garage punk of Arc Flash.

Bummer, “Freedom Cobra”

Bummer’s split with San Antonio’s Pinko will be out this Friday, and as one of those fortunate few who’ve already heard it, I can warn you that you might need earplugs. It’s loud, kids. But, if you’ve seen Bummer — one of KC’s finest purveyors of riffs — that should come as no surprise. The band’s video for “Freedom Cobra,” the first track on said split, is the Wayne’s World “Bohemian Rhapsody” scene as played out by real metalheads. There’s also a video for “Birthday Snake,” which is well worth checking out.

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Hyborian, “As Above, So Below”

Hyborian’s debut LP via, the Company, is being hailed as stellar by everyone who’s heard it, and more than a few folks have commented that it seems like the quartet’s heavy-duty sound is going to break big. The lead-off track for Volume I, “As Above, So Below,” is one of the LP’s strongest, and the simple but effective video brings to mind the likes of ’90s classics such as Helmet’s “Unsung.”

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Pearl Allure, “Breakin’ Hearts”

Pearl Allure is the sort of act Kansas City does so well: Mixing a sort of country twang with jazz flair, the combo epitomizes the musical bedrock of the area. This is its first-ever video, and just this past week the group was added to the lineup for the Westport Roots Festival (where you can hear it on Saturday, May 27.

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Kawehi, “(Not Another Lame) Fight Song”

A live-mixed, one-shot video of Kawehi knocking out her Interaktiv track on Mass Street in downtown Lawrence is maybe the coolest thing I’ve seen in a while. It takes a certain kind of artist to walk down the street with a sampler and various other electronic gear strapped to her torso with duct tape, and still look cool as hell while doing it. Lyrics such as Look out, here I am/Blowing through your brain/Like a motherfucking train/All eyes up you will know my name show that the lady don’t front, either.

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Rory Fresco, “Lottery”

We all know about how Rory Fresco’s “”Lowkey” got a huge bump when it autoplayed on Soundcloud after Kanye’s “Real Friends,” but let’s be honest — he would’ve come to the notice of everyone sooner or later, thanks to the slow and low rhythm of the song. His new cut, “Lottery,” starts off with an instrumental that manages to be ’80s synth nostalgia and Roger Troutman electro bounce at once, but the main track returns to the woozy charm the Kansas City rapper does just right. 

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Arc Flash, “Future”

Fans of the Spits, Devo, Epoxies, et al, take note: Your new-wave garage punk is not dead; it’s just in Lawrence. Straight from the grooves of the duo’s Carbon Copy, Arc Flash’s “Future” is the motorik beat played at double speed, and the video looks straight out of something Wall of Voodoo might’ve loved. The album’s out now on vinyl from High Dive and on cassette from Whatever Forever. Check out its release show at Love Garden on Friday, April 7.

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