Built To Spill

“Conventional Wisdom” by Built to Spill

Monday is St. Patrick’s Day, KC’s special time to drink beer for breakfast, paint shamrocks on shit and puke in public. But if you’re going to that Built to Spill concert on St. Paddy’s, leave the shenanigans at the door.

Last time the Idahoans graced the underused Madrid, some no-goodnik ruffled the beard of the band’s mild-mannered ringleader, Doug Martsch, prompting Martsch to personally give the kid the boot. The kerfuffle did more than harsh the mellow; it made us all look like a bunch of assholes. Not cool.

So go to your parade. Have fun. Then sober up and be on your best behavior at this old-school indie-rock show. The legendary Meat Puppets are opening, and you do not want to piss off the Kirkwood brothers.

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