Bubba Sparxxx

Though he racked up rave reviews for his debut disc, Bubba Sparxxx couldn’t always command the same respect on the road. Most memorably, unimpressed juggalos pelted him with projectiles during his ill-advised appearance at an Insane Clown Posse performance. Professional partiers Digital Underground and DJ Funk should prove much better matches for Bubba’s bubbly hick-hop jams. Sparxxx emerged with a dubious image, wrestling with hogs in the gimmicky video for his nonetheless excellent single “Ugly.” But despite its make-’em-squeal title, his new Deliverance downplays such cartoonish antics and concentrates on eloquent reflection. Regardless of his musical maturity, though, it’s safe to say Sparxxx will probably get a kick out of playing a club that houses a fully functional mechanical bull.

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