Bridge to Somewhere

Talking about transportation is not as much fun as riding a train or dedicating a bridge. But no one gets to wear a conductor’s hat without some planning. The Mid-America Regional Council is beginning an 18-month process to update the region’s long-range transportation plan. Citizens get a chance to say how they would spend billions in transportation dollars that Washington will send this way over the next 30 years (provided the U.S. government remains solvent, and we’re not all traveling by horseback). MARC hosts a community transportation discussion tonight from 6 to 8 at the Gladstone Community Center (6901 North Holmes, 816-423-4200). Folks who live south of the river can get into the spirit by taking the 142 bus from downtown Kansas City, Missouri. But don’t stay until 8 — the last southbound bus of the night will be at Vivion Road by then.

Wed., Oct. 29, 6-8 p.m., 2008