Breaking Down Triple Crown Tickets Prices

From May 2 to June 7, the Kentucky Derby, Preakness Stakes and Belmont Stakes will play host to the world’s fastest horses and also welcome interesting ticket price trends.

Also known as the Triple Crown Series, the three races will see a large spread of fluctuating prices, with the Belmont Stakes leading the bunch in increased price this year. Average price for the Kentucky Derby will continue to fall again this year, making it the only event to see a decline in price this year. The Preakness Stakes will have a healthy increase in price this year compared to last, but Belmont’s significant price increase will be unmatched by any other event.

As the final event of the Triple Crown Series every year, Belmont is no stranger to large crowds anticipating an extraordinary finish from horse racing’s finest down the stretch. This year’s Belmont Stakes will be no exception, and ticket prices show it. Average 2014 Belmont Stakes tickets are set at $229.16 with a get-in price of $17, up over 160% from last year’s average ticket price of $87.81. Judging from such a prominent jump in price, spectators will expect nothing short of spectacular during this year’s Belmont Stakes.

Unlike the increasing Belmont Stakes prices, average Kentucky Derby tickets will continue to drop for the third year in a row. While the Derby remains the most expensive event of the Triple Crown Series, it has experienced decreases in average ticket price on the secondary market since 2012. The average price for 2014 Kentucky Derby tickets is $646.58, down 15.32% from last year’s average of $763.54. The opening day of the Series, the Kentucky Derby is sure to attract plenty of spectators this year as they will certainly take advantage of the declining ticket prices on the secondary market.

The Preakness Stakes will see the steadiest increase in ticket prices this year when compared to last, as 2014 Preakness Stakes tickets have risen 32.76% on the secondary market. 2013’s Preakness saw an average ticket price of $199.18, but this year’s average ticket price will climb to $264.43 with a get-in price of $40. Taking place on May 17, the Preakness Stakes will offer a purse of $1.5 million, which will be the second highest cash winnings in race history.

There is no doubt that the Triple Crown Series draws healthy crowds each year and fluctuating ticket prices may entice larger audiences to travel to this year’s events.

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