Bowties & Basslines

Tails, pocket squares and patent-leather shoes are not exactly club attire — particularly when the evening’s music is pulse-accelerating, brain-rewiring dubstep and drum ‘n bass. Dancing to that in a tux will make you look like James Bond having a stroke. And that may be exactly why Kansas City’s Lotus Camp DJ collective is calling for ladies and gents to get formal for this Friday’s Bowties & Basslines party at the Czar Bar. On hand to distribute the funky, bass-heavy dubstep and drum ‘n bass are Lotus leaders FSTZ and J.Fortune, two locals who have been working to keep this part of the scene very much alive of late, all the while honing their DJ skills to stiletto sharpness. These men are at the top of their game. Joining the fray are Ben Fuller and Brent Tactic of the more eclectic-mixing duo Tactic. Brent is celebrating his 30th birthday, so you may buy him shots but, as always, you may not make requests. Unless it’s to have your top hat toppled by a whoosh of sub bass. That, they can abide.

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