Boulevard’s Deep Dive Wet-Hopped Ale is on draft now

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The latest Boulevard Smokestack Series beer can’t be found in a bottle on a store shelf. Deep Dive Wet-Hopped Ale is draft only — it first started hitting taps on Monday — so you’re going to have to get to a bar or a restaurant to taste it.

“Last year, we did Last Splash in the Backroads Series, and we all thought that was a cool beer, but we thought it’d be cool to make a beer that had really minimal malt and really be a vehicle for the wet hops,” says ambassador brewer Jeremy Danner. “And then, instead of just dry hopping with them, we actually used some on the brewhouse, too.”

Those hops are wet Centennial hops from Yakima, Washington. And Boulevard used lots of ’em. 

“So, like 600 pounds went in on the brewhouse on the hot side at the end of the boil for flavor and aroma as well as using some for dry hopping, too,” Danner says. 

How much was used to dry hop the beer? Another 300 or so pounds. So if you’re wondering why you’re not seeing cans and bottles of Deep Dive, that’s why.

“This is just a straight wet-hop vehicle,” Danner reiterates. 

For more on the beer, read Boulevard’s Brewer’s Blog

Off topic: Love the logo, which calls to mind Van Halen’s 1982 album, Diver Down — and the scuba flag to denote a diver underwater.

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