“Statement,” by Boris, from Smile (Diwphalanx Records):

No band frustrates record collectors quite like Tokyo’s Boris. The hyper-prolific and experimental trio’s latest full length, Smile, comes in enough varieties to upset the most ardent completists. Released in Japan, then later Stateside, the two versions of the album include essentially the same songs yet sound nothing alike.

Whereas the American version shares much of the same gritty garage metal found on Boris’ breakthrough album, Pink, the Japanese counterpart focuses more heavily on the band’s psychedelic tendencies.

The special double-vinyl release offered up now, courtesy of Southern Lord, promises even more alternative takes, extended jams and bonus tracks. Given the band’s penchant for collaborations (Merzbow, Michio Kurihara of Ghost, etc.), one shouldn’t be surprised if even more limited-edition odds and ends crop up before year’s end.

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