Bob Dylan

Bob Dylan once appeared on the ’90s sitcom Dharma & Greg. He said he took the gig because every time he’d done something he thought he should do, it had turned out poorly. There was no good reason to appear on the show, he said, so that did it. It’s an approach that effectively encapsulates the legendary bard’s career. Dylan has long flouted expectations, famously going electric at the Newport Folk Festival in ’65, for example. And he still pursues his whims with no apparent logic. (Victoria’s Secret? Sign him up.) Even so, he has defied the advances of rust and age by continuing to release great albums and tour vigorously into his late 60s. Dylan’s shows are always a crapshoot: Critics have long complained that he revamps his catalog until even the best-known songs are rendered nearly unrecognizable, and his singing sometimes fails to transcend mumbled indifference. But it’s worth a roll of the dice to catch a living legend.

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