Bob Dylan to play Starlight in August

Hide the children!

Still got it. 
Jk, jk. But Jesus, Mary and Joseph, the man is grizzled, no? His face finally looks the way his voice sounds. Although his voice has also become croakier as the years have passed. Minor details. Dylan is aging gracefully when it comes down to it, unlike certain other heroes of mine, and the jumpin’ bluesman/insane cowboy persona he’s wearing here at the twilight of his career fits him fine. He’s still touring steadily, and Starlight has just announced an August 7 show. Tickets are on sale June 25 at 9 a.m.  
It should be noted that Dylan is a better performer these days than he was in the mid-90s, when I’m pretty sure I watched him fall asleep on stage at Spirit Fest. He seems excited by his new material, so it’s probably safe to expect a set heavy on Mississippi Delta blues numbers culled from recent albums Love and Theft, Modern Times, and Together Through Life, along with reworked versions of the classics. 
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