Bo Jackson documentary airs on ESPN Saturday night

Finally, ESPN and director Michael Bonfiglio have fixed the greatest shortcoming of American cinema: the lack of documentaries about Bo Jackson. You Don’t Know Bo, a film retracing Jackson’s career as a cultural phenomenon, baseball player and football player, airs Saturday on the network.

“This film will examine the truths and tall tales that surround Jackson, and how his seemingly impossible feats captured our collective imagination for an all-too-brief moment in time,” the film’s description promises. My sarcastic opening to this post aside, it is funny to think about Jackson’s popularity in the late 1980s and early 1990s.

And there is one question above all others that I hope the documentary answers: Why, why, why were the CPU right-handed hitters unable to hit the curveball when you pitch in the Bo Jackson Two Games in One Hit & Run? It ruins the baseball part of the game because you can throw a perfect game almost every time. Alas, we’ll probably never know. Bonfiglio will probably focus on topics like Jackson’s choice to play both sports, how he never won a championship in any sport and his relatively short career.

But if we’re talking about Bo Jackson, that calls for YouTube clips. After the jump, revel in some videos of Jackson’s best moments in the spotlight.

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