Blue Star Motorcycles opens second shop on Main Street

We welcomed the January opening of Blue Star Motorcycles at 5508 Troost Avenue with the blog headline, “Bikers will save Troost.” Overly optimistic? Perhaps. Luckily, Ross Thompson, one of the shop’s three co-owners, came to the business a bit more jaded.

“Revitalizing a neighborhood is a process,” Thompson says. “We knew that having our business on Troost would help Troost. It’s not going to hurt Troost. But it’s not like it’s going to save the neighborhood.” 

That realism is partly why Thompson and co-owners Woody McGrain and Steve Browning didn’t call it quits after a disgruntled customer pulled out a gun and cocked it in Thompson’s face in May. The customer was pissed that work on his 24-year-old ATV had gone into its third week. Thompson was having trouble finding parts. After a verbal confrontation with the customer, Thompson decided the guy needed to take the ATV elsewhere. The dude returned to the shop brandishing a gun and threatening to kill Thompson. Neighbors at the auto mechanic shop across the street saw the scene and called 9-1-1. 

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