Blue Springs school sued over MMA fights

A Blue Springs student is suing the school district after getting a tooth knocked out while fighting at the school, KMBC Channel 9 reports.

Samuel Gomez reportedly fought another student after wrestling practice last year while an assistant wrestling coach watched. Gomez is reportedly suing for $20,000 to get his dental bills paid (he got two teeth broken and one knocked out in the fight).

The school isn’t talking.

The screen capture on the right, taken from KMBC Channel 9, isn’t of Gomez’ fight, but another one that took place at the school.

This isn’t the first MMA controversy at Blue Springs. In 2006, the Blue Springs School District forced out counselor and assistant wrestling coach Matt Cox, who did mixed martial arts fighting in his free time. If memory serves (and this Fox 4 story is a good reminder), the district gave Cox an ultimatum: quit MMA and keep your job, or be fired.

Cox kept fighting.

Screen cap from KMBC Channel 9.

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