Blue Springs playing cards at the heart of $1.5 million Atlantic City casino lawsuit

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  • This is why casinos usually shuffle before they deal.

A judge in a New Jersey court ruled Friday that the Golden Nugget in Atlantic City is obligated to pay out more than $1.5 million in winnings secured at a single table of mini-baccarat back in April. The Philadelphia Inquirer sat in on the hearing where it was revealed that 14 players won 41 straight hands over a period of two hours and 36 minutes while casino officials attempted to determine how such a streak was possible. Although the players were detained and questioned, they were allowed to leave with their chips. The casino had refused to cash in those chips until Friday.

But it wasn’t just a case of spectacular luck. The suspected cause is that the decks of playing cards (manufactured by Blue Springs-based Gemaco Inc.) used at the mini-baccarat table were allegedly never shuffled at the factory. The casino didn’t shuffle the cards before putting them into play. The Golden Nugget is suing Gemaco to recoup its losses.

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