Blonde Redhead


Whenever somebody hands out the award for most unintentionally creepy band, you would be wise to put money down on Blonde Redhead. Never has a band screamed out “Put us in a David Lynch film!” quite like this worldly trio, with its identical Italian twins, Japanese singer and tendency to record songs in French (though no one in the band is from a French-speaking country). Blonde Redhead has been steadily crafting dark and challenging tunes for almost a decade, blending skewed guitar with danceable but organic beats. Vocally, the band alternates between the breathy, ethereal vocals of Kazu Makino and the staccato blasts of Amedeo Pace. Wrap it all up in a cryptic, scary package, and drop Mr. Lynch a line; here’s the perfect soundtrack to a movie full of adulterous French dwarves who spontaneously combust.


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