Blitzen Trapper


“Wild Mountain Nation” by Blitzen Trapper, from Wild Mountain Nation (Lidkercow Ltd.):

Sure, plenty of Portland, Oregon, indie rockers mash up genres like omnivorous hipster DJs, but Blitzen Trapper is considerably more fun — mostly because frontman Eric Earley’s lyrics are as jaw-droppingly scattershot as his guitar arrangements. The psychedelic techno, the Beatlemaniacal country-rock, the hillbilly porch jams and the fake art rock are mere sideshow pyro flash lighting up madcap jabber about drive-bys, lusty young dead things and seething rock-star envy. Coming off accolades for 2007’s excitably schizo Wild Mountain Nation and recently signed to Sub Pop, these Wowee Zowee-lovin’ jokesters may find themselves on the other side of that fame coin soon enough. 

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