Blackberry Smoke tops the charts and our hearts at KC Live

Photo Apr 16 2023 10 04 09 Pm

Blackberry Smoke. // photo by Allison Scavo

Blackberry Smoke

with Robert Jon & The Wreck

KC Live!

Saturday, April 15

Based out of Atlanta, GA, Blackberry Smoke took time to give homage to Kansas City by shouting out local radio station shows, restaurants, and more. Charlie Starr spoke to the crowd as if we were all in someone’s backyard, completely entrancing the audience from the bustle of downtown Kansas City right outside the gates, topping the charts and our hearts.

Engulfing the Kansas City Power & Light District with reverberating echoes of blues rock, Robert Jon & The Wreck emblazoned fans for literal miles. The quartet, all native to Southern California, prolifically pave the way for upcoming southern rock bands. Blackberry Smoke pushes the envelope of southern rock by combining a perfect combination of folk and blues. An impromptu dip into “Dear Prudence” leading directly into a Tom Petty cover then, without skipping a beat, breathtakingly segued into an original with flawless transitions.

Blackberry Smoke

Robert Jon & The Wreck