Black House Collective, Fishtank, FOKL, Front/Space get $30,000 SEED grants

Life just got a little easier for four local arts groups. Black House Collective, the Fishtank, FOKL and Front/Space have been named among this year’s Robert Rauschenberg Foundation SEED Grant recipients. Each will receive $10,000 annually for the next three years.

Groups come to the foundation’s attention through an anonymous process rather than the usual grant-proposal routine. The idea is for the grantees to be surprised.

In a press release, Hunter Long, artistic director of Black House Collective (The Pitch had a good time there in September), says the funding “allows Black House and its collaborators to continue on its path of growth and the creation of new and exciting works within Kansas City and the Midwest.”

The other cities where the foundation is focusing its SEED campaign this year are Boise, Idaho; Buffalo, New York; Cleveland, Ohio; and Phoenix, Arizona. (Details on the grant program and other recipients here.) Rauschenberg studied briefly at the Kansas City Art Institute.

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