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SAT 5/8

Die-hard football fans might find this hard to believe, but their favorite game evolved from soccer. Yeah, that’s right. Some English soccer dude in the 19th century got bored kicking the ball around, so he picked it up and ran with it. Rugby was born. A few decades later, the rules of rugby were changed to allow forward passing, and football was here to stay.

On Saturday night, Arrowhead Stadium (1 Arrowhead Drive) takes a rare look back when a KC Blues rugby game follows a Wizards soccer game.

Most sports fans are familiar with the rules of soccer. Rugby, however, is another story. Vince Pastorino, vice captain of the KC Blues Rugby Club, says spectators new to the sport need to keep three concepts in mind to better appreciate the game: no forward passes, no downs and no pads. Football fans will notice that play generally continues after tackles unless there is a penalty. Without a system of downs, it’s not important where the tackle happens, as long as the ball gets stopped before it reaches the goal line.

The Wizards play the Chicago Fire at 7:30 p.m. The KC Blues take on the Boston RFC afterward. Tickets cost $13.50 for adults and cover both games. For information, call 816-960-1281.— Michael Vennard

Boobs and Beer
Is this a fund-raiser or a frat party?

SAT 5/8

She could have organized Tennis for Ta-Tas or Judo for Jugs. But Lora Schordock figured Bowling for Boobs would be her best bet. She wasn’t wrong. Now in its second year, the double-B is a fund-raiser for the Susan G. Komen Foundation 3-Day Walk, a ten-city event that supports breast cancer awareness and research. Schordock, whose mother is an eight-year breast-cancer survivor, wants to raise at least $5,000 for her 60-mile Arizona walk in October. From 7 to 10 p.m. Saturday at Mission Bowl (5399 Martway in Mission), a $25 advance entry fee ($30 at the door) buys three games, shoes and all the beer or soda you can drink. For tickets or more information, call 913-236-5212. — Annie Fischer

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