Beyonce releases ‘surprise’ new album, breaks the Internet

This morning, I woke up, thinking today would just be another ho-hum Friday. But no: Beyonce, Queen of All Things Good and Musical, had other plans for humankind on this day, December 13, 2013. 

In case you haven’t already heard, Mrs. Carter dropped her fifth full-length studio album in the wee hours of the morning. Everyone is freaking out because no one knew Bey would release it without weeks of promo leading up to the sacred date! OMG! There. You’re caught up. 

The self-titled 14-track collection is billed as a “visual release” with an accompanying 17 videos. It is available for purchase only on iTunes – and you have to purchase the entire album. (Individual tracks will go on sale on December 20.) This is kind of genius. But then again, it’s Beyonce. 

Here’s an amateur video of “Grown Woman,” one of the early tracks Beyonce previewed off her new album: 

As soon as Bey announces some fresh tour dates, we’ll let you know. 

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