Best of KC 2022: Other dimensions

cory imig portals art installation

Cory Imig Installation. // Photo by EG Schempf

This month, we published The Pitch’s annual Best of Kansas City issue. You can browse the results of the readers’ poll here. The issue also included a list, compiled and written by our editorial staff, of some of our current favorite things about Kansas City in 2022. We’ll be publishing these items online throughout November. 

Cory Imig’s abstract installations, glyneisha’s sacred spaces, and Kathy Liao’s massive drawings constituted the Portals show housed within the Nerman Museum of Contemporary Art at Johnson County Community College. 

While promoted as one exhibit, there were truly three separate ones. Each artist was given their own space in which to make unique statements to cast us into their idiosyncratic dimensions.

Each artist made us conscious of the space that we exist in and offered new perspectives on how we move through them. glyneisha, Imig, and Liao create portals to new dimensions of their own creation. Dimensions that are ready to teach us. Dimensions that tickle that part of our brain stuck in old patterns, and push us into new ones.

They show us that new patterns, new movements, new visions are available. This is what good art does: shakes us out of our familiar dimensions, transports us, and rewrites the spaces we exist in. 

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