Best of Kansas City 2021: Two decades of broadcasting local bangers

Sarah Theycallmesauce Blvrdia2019 Scaled

The Bridge conducting a live show at Boulevardia. // Courtesy 90.9 The Bridge

A little over 20 years ago at the University of Central Missouri, The Bridge hit the airwaves for the first time. The station made its way out of Warrensburg 12 years later, heading 60 miles down the road and setting up shop in Kansas City.

Then, what we know as 90.9 The Bridge sprung to life, giving the mic to KC’s local music scene both on-air and in person at live shows. Through years of genre changes, a shift to a Noncommercial Triple-A station form, the funding challenges inherent to any small artistic endeavor, and a pandemic wrecking their slate of live shows, The Bridge has pulled through, continuing to grow with its listeners in mind.

“It’s not about ‘Do I like the record,’” says co-founder Jon Hart. “It’s about, ‘Do we think the community wants to hear this record?’”

Happy 20th birthday year, The Bridge, from your cool, 41-year-old friend, The Pitch.

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