Best Of Extra: Amid traffic, an engineering wonder

Next time you’re crawling across the Paseo Bridge (like 101,999 other people every day), look north at the birth of a Kansas City icon: the Christopher S. Bond Bridge.

The 4.7 mile span over the Missouri River cost us only $245 million. Huzzah! When it’s done, cannon lights will bathe the bridge in a seasonal colors (like green for St. Patrick’s Day). The bridge is scheduled to open in 2010, and everything — including all 12 new on/off ramps — will is supposed to be done by 2011.

On time, on budget and pretty freaking cool, Bond Bridge construction effort is so cool that we had to name it Best Work Site in this year’s Best Of Kansas City. Do you know any other bridges that want to be friends?

Here’s video on location.

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