Best of 2008: MUSIC

Today’s a good day in Kansas City. It’s not the cool autumnal weather, it’s not that buxom Balinese maiden you woke up next to (imaginary) nor the delicious cold meatloaf sandwiches (actually a stale breakfast bar) the two of you enjoyed together as the sun’s golden fingers caressed the prairie. No, today is wonderful and special because the streets were greeted this morning by regular issues of The Pitch — always fabulous — that contain our beautiful 2008 Best Of Kansas City special edition, which early reviews have been describing as our best ever in recent memory (no doubt as to that where cover is concerned).

Before you dive in and savor our annual love letter to KC, which includes tributes to our Best Athlete, Best Church, Best Place to Make Out, Best Sports Blog, Best Hot Lil’ Doughnuts and all that rich, diverse, wonderful stuff that surrounds us at all times but that we too rarely notice, take a quick peek here at the Best Ofs that concern local music. Without ado and in no order:

Best Choir – The Kansas City Chorale

Best Music Videos – the Ssion

Best Music BlogThere Stands the Glass and Plastic Sax (tie)

Best Radio ShowBlack Clover Radio

Best Place to Cut a Record Chapman Studios

Best Hip-Hop FigureDJ Fresh

Best Club DJ DJ Just

Best Rock for Kids – the Terrible Twos

Best Band Reunion – the Pedaljets

Best Blues MomentMyra Taylor Gets the Key to KCK

Best Sexy MusicianBarclay Martin [Readers’ Choice: Alicia Solombrino]

Best SongwriterHoward Iceberg

Best Bilingual BandMaking Movies

Best Local AlbumKeep Color, the Republic Tigers

Best Local Song – “The Journeyman,” Devil Blare

Best Rock MomPenny Valladares

Best Band – the Wilders [Readers’ Choice: the Republic Tigers]

Read about each one here.

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