Best Bets, Thursday: Josiah Wolf, The Caves/Blessed Broke, 50 Cent

The weekend’s approaching, and we’re starting to pick up some steam around here. Can you feel it? Oh, you can feel it all right. Here we go:

Josiah Wolf is the drummer and multi-instrumentalist of the very underrated hip-hop-group-turned-art-folk-project Why? (He’s also the older brother of frontman Yoni Wolf.) He just released a solo record of lyrically rich folk rock on anticon. that is not so different from the last Why? record, Eskimo Snow. He’s touring in support of it and comes through the Jackpot tonight.

50 Cent, who the Wayward Blog spoke with earlier this week, is at the Midland with his G-Unit boy Lloyd Banks

Over at Czar Bar, you can catch some of the city’s finest alt-country and folk, with the Caves, the Blessed Broke, and Dead Voices
UPDATE, 5:40 p.m.: The Caves are NOT playing tonight due to illness. Blessed Broke and Dead Voices are still on, though. 
What else?
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