Below the radar: Punk Rock and Philosophy: Research and Destroy

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Courtesy Carus Books

Joshua Heter describes his teenage years as punk-adjacent. 

“When I first started going to [punk] shows, I definitely felt like a poser,” he says. “I had this weird, completely irrational fear that somebody was going to turn to me at a concert, at a little bar in downtown St. Louis, and they were gonna point to me, like, ‘You don’t belong here.’”

While in graduate school at Saint Louis University, Heter got over this sense of imposter syndrome enough to create a proposal on a Pop Culture and Philosophy book about punk culture. It wasn’t until ten years later when Heter and co-editor Richard Greene got the green light from Carus Books for Punk Rock and Philosophy: Research and Destroy. 

The anthology asks and attempts to answer questions about the links between punk and Christianity, what constitutes a poser, and punk’s commercial success. 

“With a book like this, you don’t have to read every chapter and you don’t have to love every chapter, but there is going to be something for everybody,” Heter says. “If you really dig your teeth into half or two-thirds of the chapters, that’s still a lot of content to chew on.”

The book is available now on Amazon for $22.95 as a paperback or $13.04 on Kindle.

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