It’s getting increasingly difficult to purchase new music for out-of-touch baby boomers. Reissues are a no-brainer, and even the cruelest among us could not wish the new Kansas album on a loved one, so finding original albums for those rapidly approaching curmudgeonhood requires some sure-footed shopping. Here’s a tip: Stay away from the Bellrays. The Bellrays aren’t classic-rock revivalists, but they are extremely loud and always abrasive. The Bellrays’ members like to say they sound “like getting kicked in the balls by James Brown.” Based on the live shows that perfect the band’s “maximum rock and soul” formula, getting racked by the Godfather of Soul feels like the ride of your life — until you wake up the next day with a burning in your loins. To the Bellrays, real rock and roll — the kind that blends just about every sound ever to come out of Motown — never died. But the Bellrays’ live show is a revival of sorts for those who have lost their way and find themselves worshiping false rock idols.

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