Beefy Beverage

On July 5, 1937, Spam (“shoulder of pork and ham”) in a can was dropped on the American marketplace. (It had previously been known as “Hormel Spiced Ham.”) Seven decades later, the nation’s palate tolerates such variations as Spam Garlic, Spam Cheese, Spam Spread, Spam Hot & Spicy and, for the calorie-conscious, Spam Lite. Raise your glass to this mystifying pantry stalwart with one of the following “meaty” cocktails.
The drink tailors at the Rieger Hotel & Exchange (1924 Main, 816-471-2177) stir up a fine Bloody Mary. Get a Smoky Bloody with your choice of vodka, gin or tequila and the restaurant’s Mary mix, made with Famous Ray’s barbecue sauce and Boulevard porter, for $8. The best part? The Smoky Bloody comes with a strip of housemade beef jerky.

Tue., July 5, 11 a.m., 2011