Banner Worship

Perhaps California artist Wayne Forte overdoes it with his exhibit’s long title — Liturgical Art Forms in a Postmodern Context — but at least it’s accurate. The long banners that serve as his canvases recall those in Christian churches. Forte’s postmodern context: Each banner illustrates one or more biblical passages with symbols applied through collage techniques. “Sabbath Banner,” for example, which arises from Jesus’ assertion that “the Sabbath was made for man, not man for the Sabbath,” is adorned with depictions of eyes, ears and a mouth — the senses enjoying the Sabbath feast. Decorative fringe composed of wristwatches reminds the viewer that the Sabbath is finite. The rest of the show’s works are similarly symbolic, with “The Righteousness of Man” a standout. The exhibition runs through tomorrow at Signs of Life Gallery in Lawrence (722 Massachusetts). For information, call 785-830-8030.

Signs of Life

Wayne Forte

Nov. 15-24, 2007