Bad Brains Flip Flops — The Physical Item, Not the Act

ROIR, the label behind Bad Brains and Dub Trio, has a contest wherein you can win one of the odder pieces of band merchandise: a pair of a flip flops, based on the cover art to Bad Brains’ self-titled album.

They’re evidently limited edition, and from Japan. I guess the Japanese equate a Rastafarian hardcore/reggae fusion act populated by former jazz musicians with nearly disposable footwear.

Enter the contest, and if you win, let us know how they fit, all right? Although, if you’re more inclined to frame them and hang them on your wall, that’s okay, too. They’re certainly more artistic than the Misfits or Black Sabbath sneakers (although I’d buy those Vol. 4 sneakers if they had more arch support).

MP3: Bad Brains, “Fearless Vampire Killers”

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