Bacon Shoe

In Bacon Shoe‘s ideal world, unicorns would cum gravy and prostitutes would lick it up. Moreover, this Kansas City freak-hop group would have its own label, an Adult Swim cartoon, a lifetime supply of pig meat and a signature line of depilatory ointment. Instead, the Shoe gets to foot its own bill, releasing a CD-and-DVD package that cost the group’s frontman an entire credit card’s worth of expenses. The good news is that Back From Stinktion (with a DVD supplement of Dadaist skits, tour antics and concert footage) was worth every strip of fatback. The beats, assisted by local rap producer Tommylift, are almost as sick as Lethal D’s rhymes about STDs and cheese. Drop some dirty cash and witness the trio’s jaw-dropping, ass-moving, pork-distributing live show, and pick up Stinktion at its official release party Friday at the Record Bar.

Categories: Music