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Excuse me, Ms. DiFranco. I was just wondering … you’re so creative. If I were more creative, I could think of a word other than creative to describe your creativity. And if I were more honest about my straggling creativity, I’d own a freaking thesaurus. Anyway, madam, from where does thou creativity spring?

“That’s just my spirit — I came out of the box that way.” DiFranco recently told the Pitch. She added, “Pardon the pun.”

Pardon granted. The punster’s latest record, Knuckle Down, is a departure from the all-by-myself independence of 2004’s Educated Guess.

“It was fun to manifest the songs in a more organized way,” she says of Knuckle Down. “Things got a bit more fleshy.”

Fleshy indeed. And the master wordsmith wasn’t shy about baring the following thoughts, either.

On her prolific output:

“It’s easy to become a workaholic, to become addicted to the pleasure of it all. And I’ve been alone … it’s not like I got a hot date or anything. Nothin’ to do — may as well make a record.”

On Educated Guess:

“Until I have another album-making experience that is that intimate and peaceful and revelatory — that one may be closest to my heart for a while.”

On 20-odd years of songwriting:

“It feels good now. It feels like a bona fide skill. I could put it on my résumé and get a job at a song factory.”

On touring as a duo with bassist Todd Sickafoose:

“It’s just my favorite scene ever. Hands down. You have all the spontaneity of being able to connect with the audience, and you have that energy and synergy and fun of playing with someone else. After a year of doing the duo thing, I haven’t found myself bored for a moment.”

On what you won’t hear on her records:

“Compared to my personality, there’s not a whole lot of songs about joy or compassion or hope. Those moments are complete and whole and perfect in themselves, and the guitar just lays there. My songs definitely represent me, but there’s probably a lot more to the story that has yet to come out.”

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