Ask the Expert

Bryan Kest is one of those major yoga guys — like, he lives in California and has his own video and stuff. This weekend, Maya Yoga’s Kathleen Kastner brings him to KC for three days of workshops at the Pearl Gallery (1818 McGee). Sign up. You’ll learn lots. Call 816-679-1053. — Annie Fischer

Mamma Gaea
Kum buy ya some green music.

FRI 3/11
Native Minnesotan Gina Citoli is one with the Earth. So, of course, she sings to share the love. At her concert, Mama Earth: An Environmental Peace Cabaret, at 8 p.m. Friday at Aquarius Books (3936 Broadway), attendees will join the whole-foods crowd and their funky, nutritional-supplement aura in experiencing a mix of song, spoken word and poetry celebrating a tranquil and planet-friendly lifestyle. Aquarius Books owner Barbara Criswell tells us that Citoli’s goal is to take her listeners on a journey, a life-enriching experience aimed at inspiring them to pay forward the peace-and-love message. (But it wouldn’t hurt Citoli or Criswell for people to buy a CD, too.) Citoli’s music reminds us of Shari Lewis’ approach to creativity through motivational guitar-plucking and incessant smiling. Some may find this presentation a little too heavy on the lovey, interconnectedness stuff, but it’s less invasive than a ginger-root enema, albeit likely to prompt a few patchouli-tinged hugs. Tickets are $20; call 816-931-6303 for more information. — April Fleming

Cuckoo for Couscous

SAT 3/12
We suspect the proliferation of Atkins-diet devotees has been pretty damned hard on vegetarians — chubbies chowing on pig parts everywhere. And whereas the diet du jour has already changed again (and again), animal-friendly restaurants are the only true havens for Kansas City fans of Tofurkey. To meet like-minded folks fed up with meat eaters, check out the VegKC get-togethers at 12 p.m. on the second Saturday of each month at Eden Alley Café (707 West 47th Street). The same group that brings us weekly vegan sci-fi potlucks organizes the gathering, where falafel enthusiasts chit-chat and discuss veg issues. Call 816-695-2086 or see for information. — Fischer

Turn the Other Chica

SAT 3/12
On, Micaela Rosales claims that dressing like a lady has never felt better than it does these days. “I’m not saying that you should start looking like your mom and the first lady,” she writes. Good, because we’d sooner wear bunny suits. But Rosales’ advice — for example, a J. Lo booty needs an A-line skirt — is sound. For visual aids, head to Saturday’s 11 a.m. Moda Latina fashion show at the Reardon Civic Center, 520 Minnesota Avenue in Kansas City, Kansas. Tickets cost $35. Call 913-362-3571. — Gina Kaufmann