ArtsKC starts #WhoNeedsArt campaign to emphasize the importance of local art

14.01.24 Rmp Artskc Awards

Photo courtesy of ArtsKC

During the pandemic, the art community served as a place of solace for people struggling with the lockdown. Unfortunately, that same community was facing more difficulties than ever before. To help emphasize the importance of local art in KC, ArtsKC is launching a year-long #WhoNeedsArt campaign in collaboration with Design Ranch.

The campaign aims to help humanize the arts, remind the community that the arts are essential, and highlight events happening in KC. During the pandemic, unemployment rates for musicians, actors, and other artists doubled. ArtsKC wants to help get artists back on their feet as the world begins to open up.

“The arts touched the lives of many throughout the pandemic and continue to play a pivotal role in our society, the human experience, and the recovery plans in our region,” Dana Knapp, president and CEO of ArtsKC, says. “Sadly, many artists reported a heavy income loss in 2020 and several local art organizations and communities were at risk of dissolving. To help reverse that trend and reengage the local community to support the arts, we are thrilled to launch the #WhoNeedsArt campaign.”

To follow the campaign, visit their website.

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