ArtsKC announces awards of over $71k to local arts organizations

Copy Of Fishtank Theatre Marilyngod Mirror Sm Copy

Funding recipient Fishtank Theatre. // Photo courtesy of ArtsKC press.

On October 29, 2020, ArtsKC announced that 35 local art organizations will be receiving funds from their Catalyst Mission Grant program. Organizations in five counties (Clay, Platte, and Jackson in Missouri; Johnson and Wyandotte in Kansas) will be awarded funds to keep operating and thriving amidst the devastation COVID-19 has caused for the arts.

“Supporting the arts is crucial, especially now.” Said Dana Knapp, President and CEO of ArtsKC. “Catalyst Mission grants are a big part of our mission to provide direct support to the arts in our community. It is a very important component of what we do as an organization and how we can support arts organizations as everyone adapts to the chaos and uncertainty that arises.”

Around this time of year, arts organizations would typically begin preparations for their holiday season of celebration and programming. However, due to the coronavirus still raging in Kansas City, the area’s arts and culture sector has lost approximately $18 million, and has resulted in the loss of over 800 arts employees losing their jobs. Efforts to bring financial support to Kansas City’s culture can’t come soon enough.

“ArtsKC Catalyst funding is imperative to continuing our services as a producing entity and an artist incubator,” funding recipient Fishtank Theatre, Inc. said in a statement. “It provides validation and endorsement of Fishtank Theatre’s place in the Kansas City Arts Community, and we can expand our reach and programs with Catalyst support.”

The full list of recipients can be found here.

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