Artists INC offering seminar for local artists to workshop business skills


Artist INC cohorts at work. // Courtesy of Mid America Arts Alliance

Artist INC, a regional program of Mid-America Arts Alliance, is accepting new applicants for its fall 2021 seminar.

Artist INC is a training seminar that helps address the specific business needs and challenges creatives of all disciplines face. The program has been applauded for providing career opportunities and benefits to local artists. This session will run for eight consecutive weeks from Oct. 4, 2021 – Nov. 29, 2021.

Limited to twenty-five participants per session, artists gather for one night a week for eight weeks to learn business skills specific to their art practice and apply those skills cooperatively with their peers. Artists will learn and grow together through mentoring, small group application activities, as well as large group discussion, and multi-media lectures. Now in its twelfth year, the Artist INC workshop has been completed by more than 1,500 regional artists.

The Mid-America Arts Alliance is a nonprofit with regional and national programs focused on strengthening communities through the support of artists and cultural organizations. In the past, they have been responsible for allocating funds to Kansas City’s American Jazz Museum and the Black Archives of Mid-America.

Helping local artists can only do good for our community, so programs like these are important to embolden future creatives to thrive.

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