Art Exhibitions

Abstract No. 2 Tomoko Takahashi’s work embraces chaos, order and paradox. Her large-scale installations typically focus on the things that pile up around us: bikes, toys, street signs, clocks. The work might look like a trash heap to some people, but in part, it’s about the accumulation of things and what that suggests about us; Takahashi trades on our Western cultural concern over how much stuff we have and what to do and make of it, and she toes a line between chaos and structure. “Abstract No. 2” is small compared with other Takahashi installations, some of which have filled entire galleries. On the wall hangs a large wood panel covered with color photographs that Takahashi has bent and stapled so that they have a 3-D effect, then arranged in a pattern that changes from light to dark to almost black. On the floor below is a skirt of facedown photographs, archival boxes, photograph sleeves and film boxes. Because the items look carefully placed, the work actually imposes order onto randomness. Through March 30 at the Kemper Museum of Contemporary Art, 4420 Warwick, 816-753-5784. (Dana Self)

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