Art as Mentorship is raising money for a community music studio

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Enrique Chi, the main man behind longtime Kansas City act Making Movies, has been making the most of the pandemic. As he said in an email earlier this week, one of the blessings of having all his touring cancelled was that he was able to dig into the organization he founded, Arts as Mentorship, and create a plan to scale their impact.

The org “takes an innovative approach to exploring young artists’ full potential through creativity, mentorship opportunities, and fostering their inherent sense of exploration and achievement” through such programs as the Rebel Song Academy, a 12-week deep dive into “the world of songwriting, recording and artist development,” which helps teach young folks the ins and outs of all aspects of the music business, both creatively and on the business side.

As part of that digging in, Chi further explained that Art as Mentorship is working toward “building a recording studio so that kids from underrepresented communities can have access to a world class space to gain real job skills.” That studio, known as The Lab, is currently in the works right now, with the organization raising $27,000 towards its construction during 2020.

Unfortunately, that’s only 25% of the amount needed to complete the 600 square foot state-of-the-art space, located in the InterUrban ArtHouse in downtown Overland Park. To that end, Art as Mentorship has created a GoFundMe to raise further funds. $20 gets you a VIP Backstage Pass and an exclusive Art as Mentorship badge, while $100 gets your name on a black vinyl record that will hang in the Art as Mentorship studio, The Lab, although any amount is appreciated.

You can find more information about Art as Mentorship here.

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