Starting late April, you’ll need to add an extra number to dial local area codes

Pexels Photo 336948It’s about time to update your cell phone contacts. Instead of dialing only 10 numbers, Missourians will soon need to dial 11 numbers to make a local call.

Starting April 24, adding a one in front of area codes 314, 417, 660, and 816. Seven-digit calls can be completed until October 24, when 11-digit calling will become mandatory. Any calls made after October 24 without a one before the area code will not go through.

The 11-digit dialing will accommodate the “988” National Suicide Prevention Lifeline, which will take effect July 2022. Missouri is one of 37 states affected by the dialing changes.

Yes, this basically means you need to add a “1” to the start of a lot of numbers in your phone. This should be annoying for like an hour of your time and then you can forget about it again.

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