Anything but Joey

If Eminem could take a breather from baiting Moby, a move that’s impressing no one given the malnourished vegan’s less-than-intimidating stature, His Eminence might find a better fight here in KC. Just a few weeks ago, local unsigned power-poppers Anything but Joey topped the Sweet Seven at Seven countdown on KRBZ 96.5, garnering enough listener requests to beat out two of Slim Shady’s singles. The ditty that did it for ABJ, “Girl Roommate,” tells a true-life tale involving bassist/songwriter Drew Scofield and his now-ex-roommate. Scofield recounts the night the titular roommate willingly stripped naked to show him her newly acquired sunburn, expressing the ecstasy of the moment and the agony of realizing that would be as far as he’d get. The redial-pushing public will have to wait until December to snag a copy of Come out Fighting, the disc that contains “Girl Roommate.” That will be the group’s first album as ABJ but hardly its recorded debut — it recorded and gigged for six years as Thulium, a moniker that celebrates the element No. 69 on the periodic chart. Its new handle, chosen largely for its cheeky acronym, distances ABJ’s members from Joey, an all-encompassing representation of an average guy. Joey probably wouldn’t score shows like ABJ’s October 17 ladies-only homecoming extravaganza at Springfield’s Gamma Sigma Sigma sorority. (This Hurricane date is a coed affair.)

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