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After some technical difficulties this morning, we’re finally up and running.

Sad news. Mac Tonnies, author and local blogger of Posthuman Blues, has died.

Coast-to-Coast AM had a nice write up about Tonnies, calling him an “acclaimed fortean writer and researcher.”

The prodigious blogger was a fixture of the online esoteric community with his site Posthuman Blues and was highly respected by many leading researchers who saw him as a bold and fresh new voice on the paranormal scene.

Tonnies appeared on Coast-to-Coast on September 28, discussing “his groundbreaking ‘cryptoterrestrial hypothesis’ with George Noory.”

A blog titled Amuck says Tonnies died in his sleep a week ago.

He passed peacefully though in his sleep sunday evening due to a problem with his heart. Mac had told us once that many years ago he had some irregular heart beats. Tests had been done then but nothing was found; obviously there was a problem!

Tonnies’ last Twitter update was on October 18.

Also over the weekend …

Need a good bomb recipe? Do a bunch of anti-abortion extremists have a deal for you. They’re auctioning off manuals with bomb-making recipes as well as recipes for prison cheesecake (delish!) to raise money for the legal defense fund for the man accused of killing Wichita abortion provider George Tiller. Also in the auction, drawings autographed by accused killer Scott Roeder.

Here’s a clip from The Kansas City Star story:

One is a sketch of David and Goliath.

“It has David with a slingshot in one hand and the head of Goliath in his other hand and the name ‘Tiller’ on Goliath’s forehead,” she [Roeder’s friend Regina Dinwiddie] said. “On the corpse on the ground, it says ‘child-murdering industry.'”

Bet prosecutors will be interested in those.

Finally, some quick hits …

Early Sunday morning, there was a shootout outside troubled strip club Gerry’s Silver Slipper.

The girl with amnesia in New York isn’t missing Belton girl Kara Kopetsky.

The Chiefs resumed their losing ways, and KU and Mizzou got their asses handed to ’em by Big 12 South powers Oklahoma and Texas. Oh, and K-State stayed winning.

Welcome back.

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