An Open Letter to Nudity-Loving Musicians

Dear Rock and Roll Scene:

Hi. Nick here. While I was at first amused by the notion of rockers stripping down to their birthday suits and making a video, I have begun to lose interest. It’s not that this is played out — I am just tired of seeing your genitals. I am comfortable neither with seeing Hunx‘s penis used as a microphone, nor seeing one of the dudes from Rammstein blow a load.

Thanks to the video for the Flaming Lips‘ “Watching the Planets,” I’ve now seen Wayne Coyne‘s penis, and I’m not entirely comfortable with that. Although, after watching the video, which seems like a GWAR-meets-hippies collaboration, I suppose I should be thankful it’s not Kliph Scurlock. I’d never be able to look him in the eye again.

You can watch the video over at NME.

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